Petshop Girls - A Rooftop Band

Music has always been an aspect of LEGO Friends lifestyle, and the latest Pop Star sub-theme adds even more.  So, taking a set concept as the Vet Clinic plus Pet Shop and adding a musical flair like Charles & Adrienne Esseltine have done is fun & creative!
Petshop Girls (03)
This MOC incorporates designs from original sets, while adding rounded architectural features (not easy) and light-up bricks to give it that extra "live concert" effect.

Petshop Girls (27)
The characters created to make up the band are whimsical, fun, and eclectic like real-life bands.

Petshop Girls (29)
The blend of animal aspects tie in with the Pet Shop theme -- making it hard not to smile while imagining the band playing :-)


Friendly Settlement

Imagine Heartlake City many years ago . . .

Friendly Settlement
A Friendly Settlement is how Piotr Machalski's creation portrays the origins.
Enjoys some other views of this "Friends Village" to see all the activity.


Heartlake High Street

Inspired by LEGO Friends sets converted into modular buildings by other fans, Big_Sal_224 created "High Street" as it might exist in Heartlake City.
Heartlake High Street
This creation was on display at the Yorkshire Bricks fan convention in the UK in May 2015.
Heartlake High Street

Imagine yourself strolling along and be inspired!


LEGO Friends Animal Park Fan Creation

Celebrating all the wonderful animals we enjoy with the LEGO Friends theme, Anne Mette VestergĂ„rd and Lasse VestergĂ„rd (mother and son) have created a wonderfully-detailed zoo layout. 
Even the sign "Animal Park" is brick-built with a commonly found color in Friends sets.
If you are lucky enough to attend "Friends days" at Legoland Billund this June, you can see the Heartlake Hot Air Balloon sets cleverly turned into a Ferris Wheel ride.
For additional images (33) of the massive creation, see her Flickr set.


Music Store and Food Market Modulars in a row

The Pop Star Recording Studio (41103 Summer 2015) has been modularized into a Music Store by DDoshini and set next to a modulized version of Heartlake Food Market (41108) along the row with last set wave's salon.

For additional views of the sides of each building individual, check out the set on Flickr.


Olivia's House as Full Modular build

As the flagship set for Friends, Olivia's House also represents a gain in modular-style building techniques.  The concept of: build/play/build, while being able to build sections that can be rearranged later is a core tenet of the LEGO Friends line.
Olivias house
This fan-built Olivia's House by LegoOzp has four complete sides and roof.

Olivias house
The rear of the house has been fitted with a patio, a garden, tree, sandbox, and the original swing-set has been expanded to two swings.

Olivias house
An aerial view with the roof off gives us a glimpse inside for details.  This full house has managed to incorporate three bedrooms (the original Olivia's House has only one).  The addition of the garage also provides a place for a car.

Olivias house
The wonderful thing about modulars is being able to remove floor sections to see into and play in more areas of a structure -- such as the bottom floor containing the Kitchen, Foyer, and Living/Dining room.

No attention to detail has been spared on this creation while it stays true to the original TLG issued design.

Please enjoy additional images of this lovely MOC here.


Friendly Food Carts and Trucks

Hungry for a snack or something more?  You won't have to look far around Heartlake City to find a satisfying bite to eat!
Our February Building Challenge creations rolled in with a nice variety of flavors:
Emma's Fruit Cart
Emma's Fruit CartEmma's Fruit Cart
Emma's Fruit Cart by Kristel showcases the colorful and delicious fruit LEGO people are fortunate to have available!  In addition to a clever cart stand for stability, there's even a built-in step for easy access in loading the sweet cargo.

Friends Popcorn Cart
Inspired by a real life Popcorn Cart, Palixa and The Bricks created it with bricks in the classic colors for easy identifying the crunchy-salty treat along any street, near the mall, beach, or park.

LEGO Friends Milk Cart
In another classic style, dr_spock_888 built a horse-drawn cart for Milk Delivery to the front door of some Heartlake City residents.  Maya must not mind getting up early ;-)

Serving traditional Puerto Rican shaved ice, this Piragua Cart by A Pretty Rock bursts with colors of the various flavors for the cooling treats. It's a bike-pulled cart, so you never know which street you'll find it tomorrow.

Cotton Candy food truck
Cotton Candy truck by mber4 has clever brick usage to simulate the spun sugar bowl function and the truck color surely makes this popular treat easy to spot on any street.
cotton candy and balloon animal cartIMG_0371
There's even fun balloon animals being made and another type of cotton candy.

Coffee Truck
Grab a cup of coffee because we have more creations to share!  This Coffee Truck by Nimura uses the Friends colors in a "pick-me-up" way that would certainly give mornings or afternoons the perk we need many days.

Monster Greens - a juice and smoothie truck by mber4 for a healthy thirst quencher.
IMG_0380Monster Greens open for business
You can see the blender for smoothies and the van color makes it easy to think juicy.

All Terrain Food Truck by dr_spock_888 features a barbeque area on the back so no matter if Friends are in the mountains or by the lake -- even in winter they can get a bite to eat.
Day 058 of 365: All Terrain Food Truck with BBQ
The roof comes off for easy access and hungry Friends can ski right up to it.

Taco Truck El Lago (Lago Corazon!! :p )
The El Lago Taco Truck by fujiia is certainly a welcome roving source of saucy good meal selections for the end of the day.  Hearty tacos from a menu of personal taste gives these Friends a place to sit while enjoying their choices.
Taco Truck El Lago (Lago Corazon!! :p ) -On the road
Make sure you get to the spot before the truck moves on -- you can probably follow the scent to the next street.
Taco Truck El Lago (Lago Corazon!! :p ) -Open truck
Not only is this creation sure to make you hungry for tacos (especially a fish taco) fujiia made sure it is accessible and playable.  That's a good thing for replenishing the food supplies in this truck, because I think we now have lots of hungry Friends after this building challenge!


Friendly "FLY-cycle"

The ability to fly has captivated humans forever; as a children we search for ways to make it happen.  See if you recall fond memories when looking at this fun creation by SPARKART!

Fly-cycle Race

"Not a bicycle race, a FLY-cycle race! This is based on a childhood real-life endeavor. I really did put flapping wings on my bike when I was a kid. To get the flapping motion, I used cardboard wings connected to wire, strung the wire over the handlebars then down to the pedals."

Building memories with LEGO bricks creates another connection between our imagination and possibilities.


MOD of Mia's Roadster

One 2015 Friends set, Mia's Roadster, has been built in a modified (MOD) style by Bricksky (Tyler) to highlight the good aspects of the official LEGO model plus rev it up with parts & techniques as LEGO fans/builders like to do!

Mia's Roadster (modded)

Tyler is a prolific builder, having many builds on display at LEGO brand stores community windows and featured on other blogs, as well at LEGO fan conventions.  You can also see a MOC (My Own Creation) built for one of our Building Challenges "Along for the Ride" in November 2013, called "Mia's Roadster" by Bricksky.  Whether or not it inspired this recent set, you decide for yourself.  ;-)


MOD-ular houses ~ old and new!

A wonderful MOD (modification) of 2 new 2015 LEGO Friends have been built alongside other such style by DDoshini in a "Modular Houses" creation:

Left to right we see the bottom shop is the Pet Salon (based on Kristel's design), then the 2015 Hair Salon, then also new for 2015 is Emma's House (which looks very nice as a Townhouse) and then Friends flagship set, Olivia's House -- also as a Townhouse.
The "smart cars" driving along the street go well with the lively colors!


Temple of snow

Temple of snow
Ever-amazing use of bricks and elements from the Friends line now includes Laure's (fujiia) Temple of snow: with her lipstick Spires and magenta bow Pediment.  The contrast of colors and calculated details gives this creation an easily believable locale of Mars -- as the creator describes:
   "Winter on Mars, year 7641. The planet has been inhabited for centuries now. Different species coexist in (relative) peace. Religion is a big part of martian life. One unique god rules over all.
Don't be fooled by the apparent tranquility."

View more of her creations [she's a builder who was inspired to build when LEGO Friends launched].


It's a Jungle out there!

It's time our Jungle building challenge creations appear from behind the vines.
{This lovely Jungle lettering is by Kristel}

Jungle Sightseeing
Classic jungle scene by the water's edge shows beauty and danger in "Jungle Sightseeing" by dr_spock_888, as Emma goes sightseeing in the jungle.  His creation shows how even a small build can have a big impact on conveying an idea.  The adventurous spirit of travelling with lemonade and a bunny are wonderfully juxtaposed against the reality of dangerous creatures in a dense eco-system.

Jungle in a box
Thinking 'outside the box' to build 'inside' a box and capture 2D artwork in 3D, fujiia presents "Jungle in a box" a LEGO representation of Henri "Le Douanier" Rousseau's paintings: Paysage Exotique. (seen below left)

Jungle in a box

Here is the art of her inspiration.  And, here is a forward view of her creation.
Shadow boxes have always been intriguing in any medium; the bricks of LEGO lend to the dimensions needed in a way she uses in a seemingly effortless building style.

Field Trip to the Jungle Zoo
Reversing the 'classic' Jungle scenario, dr_spock_888 uses his creation to image a "Field Trip to the Jungle Zoo."
He writes: Gorilla teacher takes her students to the jungle zoo to see how the wild animals live in the jungle. The animal in the trans-blue clear cage appears to be quite comfortable. She has cold drinks and a laptop device to surf the Internet shopping for designer handbags. One of the monkeys is not obeying the no feed sign.
There is certainly whimsy in this creation, along with a more complex concept of "what if" which reminds me of how much the first "Planet of the Apes" movie scared me (and still kinda does); yet, we must remember our planet is shared by many varied life forms.

Janie Durga : Jungle top landing
Taking a cue from sci-fi and space, Pistash blends it with this creation titled: "Jungle Top Landing."
Janie Durga explores the universe in her pink little spaceship. This time she lands on a strange planet covered by a deep jungle.
Not only does this creation blend bricks and parts from other evergreen system themes into a lush-exotic environment, it also cleverly incorporates an Exo-Force piece! Can you spot it?
So, no matter where you are in the universe, a LEGO creation can be replicated from the inspiration of any setting. You just need swing on the vines of your imagination.


"Lovely colored bricks" is how this builder describes Friends

Sometimes a tweet is sweet!  I came across a lovely creation of LEGO Friends bricks ~ a Flower Shop and Cafe rendition that present details by the bunch and designs to savor. "Deepblueroses" built them as modulars.  These storefronts could easily fit along any street in Heartlake City!

If you click on this link to her tweet, you can see a few more angles and the buildings separate.


Friendly Modulars

It’s no secret that modular buildings and Friends are my two favourite LEGO themes, so any building that combines the two is sure to catch my eye.  Even more so when it’s done really well, as is the case with these 16-stud wide modulars from DDoshni.
DDoshni’s Friendly modular line up is based on, from left to right, Heartlake High (41005), Summer Riding Camp (3185) and Heartlake Vet (3188).  My favourite of these is the Heartlake Vet, with the Olive Green working surprisingly well with the Medium Azure and Tan.
See additional buildings and views in his Flickr image set.


Pop of Pink!

Pop of Pink Building Challenge
    Our eyes react to color; especially when one in particular is used sparingly, it can divert visual attention.  The goal of this challenge was to build a creation and have the color pink seem to 'pop' into view in contrast to the other colors.  Do your eyes go to the i's dot above in our poster?
    Pink bricks are not new (have been around since 1990s) yet they have garnered a spotlight these past two years.
    Pink used in MOCs isn't as rare as it was two years ago, yet it still isn't commonplace.  Some day it may be, perhaps.  For now, enjoy these builders' attempts to make it pop.
Jungle Discovery
"Jungle Discovery" by LegoMyMamma

Sunday Photo Tour
"Sunday Photo Tour" by Palixa

Pop of Pink
"Black and white version of the lounge in Olivia's House" by Kristel

And to showcase the when pink is used as the main color in a creation, which really pops, Mike M. built this:
"Her Pink Garden"

So, enjoy your new pink bricks and use them to enhance your next creation! ;-)