Friends meet Elves to fly high!

SisShuttle BFF is a blend of Heartlake Airlines and Elvendale's Airship service ... a very creative merging of themes by Moto.

SisShuttle BFF: Airstrip
Here you can see Heartlake City and Elvendale passengers happily lined up to board this aircraft!

SisShuttle BFF - SHIPtember
In flight, it's quite an impressive --- nearly albatross size -- flying machine!

Such a fun and inspirational creation!  Be sure to click through via these photographs and read more descriptions by the creator; plus see lots more images in its flickr set.

Bonus: A Comic that tells their satellite mission story too!
Comic: SisShuttle BFF

Olivia and Emily, and other mini-dolls of Heartlake City and Elvendale, surely are friendly collaborators, even if the portal to Elvendale may be closed soon ...


Custom Go-Kart Track

Custom Go-Kart Track built by Denil using all the 2018 Go-Kart sets from this sub-theme!



Friendship "Rocket House"

A re-imagined Friendship House by Suz:

The Friends already renovated the old fire station into their Clubhouse ... so why not re-invent it again into a Rocket House?  It's called: The Friendship-5


All 5 main Friends are there, ready to blast off!

A close-up of the garage where Olivia is building a rocket; the main inspiration for this build.

Here is the way LEGO presented it on their Facebook page.
The AFOL Engagement team of the LEGO Group asked a few members of FriendsBricks to re-create the Friendship House in ways to inspire kids.

See more images and the process of designing this creation on its Flickr album.


Brick-built Flowers

These are the Flowers that sprung up for our "Build You Own Flower" building challenge:

A Tulip or Crocus (you decide) emerging in Spring
A Tulip or Crocus emerging for Spring by LegoMyMamma

Heartlake Flower
Heartlake flower by dr_spock_888

Alternate build #1 - using only parts from Friendship Flower polybag (30404)
Sunflower Sprout - an alternate build with only parts from 30404 Friendship Flower polybag - by LegoMyMamma

Alternate build #2 - "Lavender Flower with Bee" using only parts from Friendship Flower polybag (30404)
Lavender Flower with Bee - an alternate build using only parts from polybag 30404 - by LegoMyMamma

Alt build #3 from Friendship Flower polybag: "Dahlia & Dragonfly"
Dahlia & Dragonfly - an alternate build using only parts from polybag 30404 - by LegoMyMamma



Friendly Summer, Spring, Winter & Fall

Summer, Spring, Winter & Fall -- all you have to do is call -- a Friend!
This fun creation by thropots called "Friends For All Seasons" centers around a nice brick-built tree:

Friends For All Seasons- Summer Friends For All Seasons - Spring Friends For All Seasons - Winter Friends For All Seasons - Autumn 

See a few more angles in the flickr set!


Brick-built Storage Building Challenge Creations

Brick-built Storage Building Challenge

We offered a building challenge that can be built as a storage box, a keepsake box,
a gift box, or other brick-built container of sorts.
Inspired by Suz during a LUG meeting activity, during which she built this:

Here are the creations built for this challenge: 

Heart Box

Heart Box by LegoMyMamma

Mega Keepsake Box!  

Mega Keepsake Box by SuzEaton

Olivia's treasured box by davee123

2017 Keepsake Box Challenge
Keepsake Box by Beverly


We hope you've been inspired to build your own "Friendly" storage!
In case you missed the "brief history of LEGO Friends brick-built storage"
read it here.


Friendly Train Station

Purple Train Station
A purple train station that could easily be in the center of Heartlake City built by 
Anne-Marie and featured in a fan expo show.
Expo Exporail August 19th and 20th 2017
A commuter train coordinates with the station, bus, and street-sweeper on the Friendly-colored
road of shops & homes. The row of modulars' color combinations complement each other well.
Turquoise and Dark Purple House
  This one straight across from the station is composed of Turquoise and Dark Purple.
Light Aqua, Magenta and Bright Light Orange House
Then we see a Light Aqua, Magenta and Bright Light Orange House.

Others in the row:
Dark Pink, Bright Light Pink and Yellowish Green House
Dark Pink, Bright Light Pink and Yellowish Green House
Dark Purple, Medium Lavender and Lavender House
Dark Purple, Medium Lavender and Lavender House
Lavender and Lime House
Lavender and Lime House
Dark Blue and Magenta House
Although not in the row, her more recent Dark Blue and Magenta House seems to evoke the 
LEGO Creator line as it could exist in Heartlake City.
Lego Friends Public Transport inspired by Lego City 8404
In case you missed the Passenger Train, here is a still image.
Enjoy and be inspired by more creations on her flickr stream.


Antiquing with Friends | Castle adaptation

This adaptation called "Antiquing with Friends" was built by Barbara for BrickWorld 2016 during The LEGO Group's "Best Friends" building contest.
Some of the North American fan events that participated also gave attendees the suggestion to re-make an existing LEGO set of other themes into a "Friendsified" version.

Here is an image of the inspirational set: Medieval Market Village 10193 from the Castle line in 2009.

This year's Snow Resort sub-theme are probably the closest of the Friends sets which look as if they could be near a Market Village setting.  Perhaps on the mountain-side of Heartlake City.


Naomi's Place

Naomi's Place
Naomi's Place joins a lovely long-line of townhouse style structures modified from their original set designs by Kristel.
Have you guessed the original set?

 Here is the original Heartlake Cupcake Cafe as reviewed by Kristel.

Here is a link to her Friends Street MOC displaying other past sets re-built into this style.
(which you can also see is our community banner and web site homepage graphic)
To see more details of the modular levels in Naomi's Place, visit her image set on Flickr.


Heartlake Holly Days creations

Fly Air Friends
Going to see family and friends by dr_spock_888

Lego Episcopal church at Christmas, with Advent candles lit (three purple, one pink). My first ever MOC of more than small furniture.
Lego Episcopal church at Christmas, with Advent candles lit (three purple, one pink) by Marguerite

Friends having fun in the snow by LegoCookieCupcake

Day 24 (2012-2016)
Here's what LEGO Friends were "officially" up to in Heartlake City
on Christmas eve as shown by Maya
for our Advent Calendar reveals.

Hope you had Friendly Holly Days too!


Friends Chess Pieces

LEGO Friends Chess
SuzEaton imparted subtle cues of LEGO Friends sets into these Friends Chess Pieces.

LEGO Friends vs. Elves Chess Set
They were part of her display at Brick Fair and opposite some Elves pieces.

Olivia's Shopping Bot
 Here is a close up of one, the King piece, imagined as Olivia's robot creation.

See lots more close up of the pieces and the entire chess board in the Flickr set.


Riding School MOD

Friends sets are so completely detailed from the start, that sometimes all that's needed is a "tweak" or MOD (modification) to the original in order to make a new creation.


LegoOzp has done a nice job of using two sets with modifications to become one creation.  It's a creation, yet still identifiable of the original sets -- Summer Riding Camp (#3185 from the Summer of 2012) and Sunshine Ranch (#41039 from January 2014).  Built together within the landscape and activity of the base created to hold the structures, it gives us a glimpse of life in Heartlake City.
Another set, Emma's Horse Trailer (#3186, also from Summer 2012) fits in just right.

The creek along side the ranch and under the bridge really adds to the dimensions of this setting! Be inspired and enjoy many more angled views and close-ups in the Flickr set.


Winter Wonderland with Friends Animals

LEGO Friends animals have always been a special part of the theme, and this creation by Deborah Higdon illustrates just how friendly and expressive they are on display.
2016 - winter wonderland bookends

The classic winter snow-covered tree in a woodland setting surrounded by animals she built as bookends is a wonderful use for a peaceful scene.


MOC: Best Friends on Vacation

Vacation in Friends style with ques from Heartlake City's landmarks shops blended into a colorful seaside-scape built by Brick Art (CaraLego).

See more detailed images of this lively creation on her Flickr set.