Friends Modular Street by Kristel

Built to keep the original feel of LEGO Friends buildings, yet re-created in a more compact style of Modular, Kristel shares her Friends Street.
Friends Modular Street
Friends Modular Street - viewing all the buildings.

Friends Modular Street
Here you can see a better close-up of the activity.
A very busy street scene in Heartlake City!
She started converting the various Friends sets into Modular as a way to keep the sets built for her daughter to play with, yet also taking up less space.  Since each section is a module that is removable, each floor is accessible -- so, it's possible for play and display!

Each of the shops were created separately before added to the street:
You can view each separately with additional angle and interior views by clicking on which building you want to see more of -- it will open its own set of images on Flickr.

Naya's PlaceAndrea's Place
(MOD/MOC) Emma's PlaceJoanna's Place

Enjoy and be inspired!

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