Powerful Engineering

Mahjqa shows us that the LEGO Friends and their bricks can be used in all sorts of technical ways.  Here he has deftly incorporated power functions into two large vehicles so that can drive, turn, shoot, bulldoze and bulldoze their way through anything in their path.

Engineering Crew

Check out the video to see the vehicles in action. 


From the Danish corner of Heartlake City...

Anne Mette VestergĂ„rd made this Friends-rendition of a typical Danish house, using lots of bright light orange bricks and dark red roof pieces. 

I can't help but appreciate what looks to be lots of dark red cheese slopes along the steep slope along the upper story of the house.  For extra Friends' pets fun, check out Anne's LEGO Duck Fishing model too.


Friendsington Castle

   Fabulous castle & super heroes collaboration build between fujiia and Kloou for the 2013 Fana'Briques event in France:
Friendsington Castle-2
   The blending of several themes & genres, all while maintaining the overall 'Friends' design & style is wonderful!

swimming pool
   As you can see from additional views, creativity is quite ample in adapting scenes with "other" characters.

   To continue on this magical fantastical journey -- more images (which show more of the great details) can be found here & here.  Enjoy!