Friends Modular Street by Kristel

Built to keep the original feel of LEGO Friends buildings, yet re-created in a more compact style of Modular, Kristel shares her Friends Street.
Friends Modular Street
Friends Modular Street - viewing all the buildings.

Friends Modular Street
Here you can see a better close-up of the activity.
A very busy street scene in Heartlake City!
She started converting the various Friends sets into Modular as a way to keep the sets built for her daughter to play with, yet also taking up less space.  Since each section is a module that is removable, each floor is accessible -- so, it's possible for play and display!

Each of the shops were created separately before added to the street:
You can view each separately with additional angle and interior views by clicking on which building you want to see more of -- it will open its own set of images on Flickr.

Naya's PlaceAndrea's Place
(MOD/MOC) Emma's PlaceJoanna's Place

Enjoy and be inspired!


Spring Scenes have Sprung!

Friends Bricks Building Challenge: Spring Scene
For our "Spring Scene" Building Challenge we have some very lively and colorful creations to share!
(Lovely poster scene above was created by Kristel :-)

Also created by Kristel is this happy scene full of color, whimsy, and Friends!
It is intended as a flower sculpture / art, funded by Heartlake City to welcome the new season.
It certainly announces it in a bold and curvy style!

"Stephanie and Kate go out for a boat trip with lunch" creation by dutchlegofan50 (Martin5478) shows those Friends getting out for a fun nature activity that many people can't wait for Spring each year to enjoy!

Spring cleaning the Patio
Depicting a Spring task, LegoMyMamma created a familiar scene of "Cleaning the Patio" after all those flowers bloom and spread their pollen!

Spring scene
Speaking of flowers: A Spring scene few are lucky to ever see is a Poppy Fairy! Inspired by a green hose piece from the new Jungle sets Fujiia created this very detailed and life-like red poppy in an almost 3D-like setting. Her goal was to present "A single poppy flower standing out in a green and flowery prairie." The surrounding flowers using the cookie tile as stamen cleverly look like Hydrangea flowers. Her fairy combination of a Disney mini-doll, with Chima parts (chest plate and wings) all pulled together with the blue cape, is a great example of how all LEGO sets and themes exist mutually. The poppy itself has petals made of LEGO capes.
Let no brick, part or element of your collection go un-discovered of its
creative potential!