It's a Jungle out there!

It's time our Jungle building challenge creations appear from behind the vines.
{This lovely Jungle lettering is by Kristel}

Jungle Sightseeing
Classic jungle scene by the water's edge shows beauty and danger in "Jungle Sightseeing" by dr_spock_888, as Emma goes sightseeing in the jungle.  His creation shows how even a small build can have a big impact on conveying an idea.  The adventurous spirit of travelling with lemonade and a bunny are wonderfully juxtaposed against the reality of dangerous creatures in a dense eco-system.

Jungle in a box
Thinking 'outside the box' to build 'inside' a box and capture 2D artwork in 3D, fujiia presents "Jungle in a box" a LEGO representation of Henri "Le Douanier" Rousseau's paintings: Paysage Exotique. (seen below left)

Jungle in a box

Here is the art of her inspiration.  And, here is a forward view of her creation.
Shadow boxes have always been intriguing in any medium; the bricks of LEGO lend to the dimensions needed in a way she uses in a seemingly effortless building style.

Field Trip to the Jungle Zoo
Reversing the 'classic' Jungle scenario, dr_spock_888 uses his creation to image a "Field Trip to the Jungle Zoo."
He writes: Gorilla teacher takes her students to the jungle zoo to see how the wild animals live in the jungle. The animal in the trans-blue clear cage appears to be quite comfortable. She has cold drinks and a laptop device to surf the Internet shopping for designer handbags. One of the monkeys is not obeying the no feed sign.
There is certainly whimsy in this creation, along with a more complex concept of "what if" which reminds me of how much the first "Planet of the Apes" movie scared me (and still kinda does); yet, we must remember our planet is shared by many varied life forms.

Janie Durga : Jungle top landing
Taking a cue from sci-fi and space, Pistash blends it with this creation titled: "Jungle Top Landing."
Janie Durga explores the universe in her pink little spaceship. This time she lands on a strange planet covered by a deep jungle.
Not only does this creation blend bricks and parts from other evergreen system themes into a lush-exotic environment, it also cleverly incorporates an Exo-Force piece! Can you spot it?
So, no matter where you are in the universe, a LEGO creation can be replicated from the inspiration of any setting. You just need swing on the vines of your imagination.