Friends meet Elves to fly high!

SisShuttle BFF is a blend of Heartlake Airlines and Elvendale's Airship service ... a very creative merging of themes by Moto.

SisShuttle BFF: Airstrip
Here you can see Heartlake City and Elvendale passengers happily lined up to board this aircraft!

SisShuttle BFF - SHIPtember
In flight, it's quite an impressive --- nearly albatross size -- flying machine!

Such a fun and inspirational creation!  Be sure to click through via these photographs and read more descriptions by the creator; plus see lots more images in its flickr set.

Bonus: A Comic that tells their satellite mission story too!
Comic: SisShuttle BFF

Olivia and Emily, and other mini-dolls of Heartlake City and Elvendale, surely are friendly collaborators, even if the portal to Elvendale may be closed soon ...


Custom Go-Kart Track

Custom Go-Kart Track built by Denil using all the 2018 Go-Kart sets from this sub-theme!



Friendship "Rocket House"

A re-imagined Friendship House by Suz:

The Friends already renovated the old fire station into their Clubhouse ... so why not re-invent it again into a Rocket House?  It's called: The Friendship-5


All 5 main Friends are there, ready to blast off!

A close-up of the garage where Olivia is building a rocket; the main inspiration for this build.

Here is the way LEGO presented it on their Facebook page.
The AFOL Engagement team of the LEGO Group asked a few members of FriendsBricks to re-create the Friendship House in ways to inspire kids.

See more images and the process of designing this creation on its Flickr album.


Brick-built Flowers

These are the Flowers that sprung up for our "Build You Own Flower" building challenge:

A Tulip or Crocus (you decide) emerging in Spring
A Tulip or Crocus emerging for Spring by LegoMyMamma

Heartlake Flower
Heartlake flower by dr_spock_888

Alternate build #1 - using only parts from Friendship Flower polybag (30404)
Sunflower Sprout - an alternate build with only parts from 30404 Friendship Flower polybag - by LegoMyMamma

Alternate build #2 - "Lavender Flower with Bee" using only parts from Friendship Flower polybag (30404)
Lavender Flower with Bee - an alternate build using only parts from polybag 30404 - by LegoMyMamma

Alt build #3 from Friendship Flower polybag: "Dahlia & Dragonfly"
Dahlia & Dragonfly - an alternate build using only parts from polybag 30404 - by LegoMyMamma



Friendly Summer, Spring, Winter & Fall

Summer, Spring, Winter & Fall -- all you have to do is call -- a Friend!
This fun creation by thropots called "Friends For All Seasons" centers around a nice brick-built tree:

Friends For All Seasons- Summer Friends For All Seasons - Spring Friends For All Seasons - Winter Friends For All Seasons - Autumn 

See a few more angles in the flickr set!