A Zoo to visit with your Friends!

Anita's Friend-ly Zoo combines lovely bricks from Friends sets with others across the LEGO spectrum.

Lego zoo

A fun little zoo tram runs around on LEGO train tracks. System bricks from other themes all blend seamlessly. She incorporates animals from DUPLO and other systems sets (such as Prince of Persia's Ostriches), plus many LEGO Friends animals too. They go together just like the alphabet: A-to-Z(oo)!

Here's another angle view.  She built it as modules, to allow it to grow and be re-arranged.

And the sign with a very clever use of those Friends life-preservers!
Entry to zoo

There should be a smile on your face now! :-)


Time~Warp #2 Creations

   Our second Time~Warp Building Challenge (in which we ask fans to imagine what their 10-year-old self would build as a set) reveals a museum visit from school and a very active playground!

   At first glance it may seem unexpected that this glorious castle holds a museum of Modern Art.  Yet this type of feast-for-the-eyes build is not unexpected at all when knowing fujiia created it!

The MOMA Heartlake
The MOMA Heartlake

The MOMA Heartlake
Modern art designs really 'pop' from the inside of this greystone castle. There are so many luscious colors, shapes and combinations that it takes a few minutes to see all the imaginative designs as clever uses of LEGO elements.

The MOMA Heartlake
As if the overall build wasn't creative enough, it is even modular!
For additional views of the various rooms, rooftop, and art, take
a stroll around the photo set.

Certainly after a day at the museum, the next best activity is a Playground with
loads fun contraptions to explore. Sharing a vision of active play light_sab_r
includes technic construction for the "Flying Fox" and other moving parts.

See-saw, Sandpit and Swing are all time-enduring favorites of kids all over the
globe! There are also lots of places to climb for a view, or just hang out.

Here is a close-up of the Slide's destination -- a trip to the Ball Pit!
Who wouldn't want to try that out?!
You can see a few more angles of the playground here.
Join in the fun for our next building challenge!