Cutest Cat Ever?

One of the LEGO Friends kittens provides the inspiration for this adorable sculpture by Ryan McNaught (The BrickMan). 

LEGO Friends cat

I bet she's not quite as cuddly as she looks, though!


A Friendly Game

Tikitikitembo treats us to a delightfully Friend-ly game of chess:

Friends Chess

I imagine that if you threw out some nuts and fish into the center of the game board, the match would turn into quite the chaotic affair!
An Update:

 When we Tweeted Anita's Chess creation, a LEGO fan/Dad replied to us this: http://twitter.com/FriendsBricks/status/295156758240968705

Then, the next day he tweeted his daughter's own creation: http://instagram.com/p/U_uvIVM7Hm/

This is what Friends Bricks is all about -- inspiring others!


Friends Studio Session

Music has been part of the Friends scene for years.  Evoking memories of the "Tuff Stuff" band, MOCer Ola Ekblom eiffelben created a detailed studio:

Control room and music rooms

Olivia relaxed in the control room

For a few more close-ups of this groovy build with Friends bricks & Mini-Dolls, visit the entire set.


Carrot Maximizer? Check!

Debbie (Daisy a27) let her cute little Bunny loose in the laboratory.  Apparently Bunny has plans to take over the world:  "She only needs to produce 1 mutant bunny pair and in no time they will multiply, well...like rabbits."

Mutant Bunnies 1

Step 2 involves a "carrot maximizer!" 

Mutant Bunnies 7

I love the mix of Friends with DUPLO.  I also really want to see how mutant bunnies could take over the world, especially if they are as adorable as these ones!


Family Friend-ly Fun

I posted a super adorable picture of a little girl building her Friends sea plane over on the LEGO Friends Inspire Girls Globally blog.  When I told her mother Penelope Harris (princesspink 77), who posted the picture originally, she said "She loves her Lego! The girly feel to it has definitely got her more interested in Lego .... And OK Mummy might be having fun with them too!"  And then she linked to this fun photo of Mummy having fun with the Friends in the snow:

I thought it was an adorable photo, and I love how Friends can be fun not just for little girls (and boys), but for their mothers (and fathers) too.  I know I certainly have lots of fun building with Friends sets with my two children. 


Mix It Up

Martin (MorsLEGO) shows us that the Friends kitchen accessories can be useful well beyond the realm of the kitchen. 


A mixer and two knives make for a great micro space ship!  Here it is traversing an asteroid belt:

MSFC Into the Asteroid Belt

I bet this ship's lasers will cut through those asteroids like a knife through butter.


How Sweet!

Siercon and Coral (Sean and Steph Mayo) take us on a Friendly trip through Candy Land:

Lollipop Forest (Candy Land)

"Sweet" use of those polybags!


Riding Camp Chapel

A Summer Riding Camp set modification incorporates lovely stained-glass windows ~ which complement the chapel without over-powering it. Although its setting is winter, rather than summer as the original set, this creation could easily blend with other LEGO Winter Village sets.
It creates an uncluttered Holiday scene.

By Paul Gyugyi

Upon entering the festive service inside, viewers are treated to clever parts usage for candles.
Can you identify those parts?

By Paul Gyugyi

There is also a 2-story version:

By Paul Gyugyi

For a few more images, visit the full set on Flickr.


Where No Friend Has Gone Before

Simon Liu (Si-MOCs) and Isaac Mazer (Ricecracker.) collaborated on building the FriendSHIP-One.  As Simon explains, "FriendSHIP One (FS-1) is Planet HeartLake's first interstellar starship. Designed as an exploration vessel, FS-1 is a mobile habitat capable of carrying upwards of 40 Friends for years at a time! FS-1 contains a small assortment of defensive fighters and exploratory vessels - they are maintained and launched from the Pink Deck."

FriendSHIP One - Complete at last

Simon said that this had been a long-time request by the employees at the Toronto LEGO Store (Fairview), where it was subsequently put on display.  Simon took his decks of the FriendSHIP-One to BrickCon 2012, where it won for Best Large Spacecraft. 

See this set on flickr for more detailed photos. 


Emma's Cool Castle


My name is Katie, and I love the LEGO Friends theme.  I am thrilled to be able to share some of the cool Friends builds that I find with you.  ;-)

Since I love the Castle theme as well, I wanted to share this adaptation of a castle into the Friends theme.

OUdaveguy98 made this castle for his 6-yr. old daughter to play with.  The hearts are Clikits, from a former girl-oriented LEGO theme. The castle is modular and detaches at several points, so that his daughter can play with the inside.

I bet his daughter will love playing with it, and will get lots of great ideas for building her own cool castles in years to come.  I know my almost-six-year-old daughter would love it.  I guess it's time to go and build a cool castle with her.