Halloween Harvest Creations

Here are some treats from FriendsBricks Halloween building challenge -- 
the trick is to find every clever detail & technique these builders
used from their LEGO vaults.

Of course we need pumpkins for carving Jack-O-Lanterns.
This front-loading tractor by dr_spock_888 helps Friends gather them for the Harvest from a farm just outside Heartlake City.
friends harvest

Carving pumpkins into decorations for porches, Kristel sets the mood for the fun events on October 31st.  Emma & Mia just need to get them into the wheel barrel, then get their costumes on!  
Halloween Decorations

"Ding~dong!"  You know what that means?  Bricksky has created a neighborhood home's yard packed with costumed Trick-or-Treaters!
I do wonder what's in that basement ...
FriendsBricks Building Challenge:  Trick or Treat!!!

Here is a view from inside the home with clever decorative lights straight from Middle Earth!
Who is dressed as Iron Man ... Stephanie perhaps?
FriendsBricks Building Challenge:  Trick or Treat!!!

For more views of the festive Halloween happenings in that neighborhood by Bricksky, please visit the photo set here.

In the early days, people wore masks to hide from the ghosts of those souls long past.  Now that dressing in full costume is a global cultural tradition, it's fun to see all these variants Bricksky created by using Mini-Doll Friends and bits from other LEGO themes & sets!
These combinations are candy for the eyes of any LEGO fan.
FriendsBricks Building Challenge: Halloween Costumes

   May you harvest the spirit of building-inspiration from these creations.