Expanded Beach House

Suzi has doubled the fun with her expanded Beach House.  Made from two sets of Stephanie's Beach House (#41037) and other spare parts, she has added a much needed lounge room, another bedroom and a music room.

My favourite part of this modification is the lounge room, which has some very cool medium azure and white furniture!  This colour theme is continued through the additional bedroom and music room.

Suzi included a little bench along the back wall of the kitchen.  As I noted in the review for Stephanie's Beach House, the area behind the main kitchen bench is really lacking in detail in the official set.

Suzi also included a mobile stairs to allow the mini-dolls to easily move between the different floors. This is a great addition, and one of the first things my daughter (a 7 y.o. and thus an expert on all Friends matters :)) mentioned when she saw this modification.

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