A Friends Corner creation

   Imagine a corner in Heartlake City and see if this creation by Hartinih Liauw resembles what you might have expected.  Blending the Downtown Bakery as the core of the structure with other LEGO bricks creates a lively scene.  There's so much activity going on; it takes a few looks to see it all.

Friends Corner_1

It's always nice to see Minifigures finding their way in Heartlake City enjoying what Friends have in their daily lives.

Check out some interior images here and here for more fun techniques and lovely floor tiling in this Modular building.


Heartlake River

Mordatre's first module for his Heartlake River Project showcases what Friends is all about, combining great scenes, such Stephanie building the jetty, with beautiful details, such as the dolphin swimming in the wake of the jet ski.  The colours are vibrant and really pop, with the lime and pink contrasting beautifully with the more earthy tones of the path and jetty.


More images can be found here.

I'm looking forward to seeing the next module for Heartlake River!