LEGO Rainbow Holiday Center

Anne Mette Vestergård of Denmark built this MOC for exhibition at LEGOLAND Friends Days in Billund in June 2014.
The layout contains LEGO bricks in more than 60 different colours.
A rainbow of bricks inspired by Friends sets and lots of mini-dolls from Heartlake City enjoying the holiday!  Tennis courts, picnics, fun in the water -- all surrounded by trees and lovely resort style houses.
 The walkways are paved, the balconies are wonderful vantage points to enjoy all the activity & fun! If you look closely to the upper left, by the green house patio, you can see Mini-Dolls building with LEGO bricks!
The outer perimeter has a road and additional views of the resort homes, along with cars in every hue.
It's all to celebrate the LEGO Friends theme and possibilities of creation.

An overview:
You should check out all the various views on Anne's set on Flickr - with 40 images to drool over!