Heartlake High - with all the bells & whistles

This fan-created Heartlake High by carebear has every detail bricked-in ... from floors to lockers, and vending machines!
 While retaining the look of set #41005 this fan creation was built with 32 versions of that set, along with 60 additional LEGO Friends sets.
Lots of activity, and use of roof space for outdoor time.  Notice the bike rack and Lamp posts.

The original 5 LEGO Friends: Mia, Emma, Stephanie, Olivia, and Andrea.

Nicole and Sophie tend to animals.  The basketball backboard shows the original Friends graphics.

 See inside the top floor: Cafeteria, Library, and Music room.

With the Library module removed, you can see the center all with vending machines.

 Up close view of the Cafeteria -- it looks like Mrs. Stevens is there today.

Here is a better view of the vending machines.  Stephanie has lots of choices.

See all the wonderful floor tiling in the Music Room, plus built-in cabinets.

The other side of the school.  This schoolyard looks very busy; good thing there's a fence with all those pets.

The bottom level reveals the Art room, Teacher's Lounge/Office, Restrooms, and Science classroom.

Art room for painting, photography and more -- with colorful floor tiles too.

Lockers in the center hall, near the ringing School Bell, along with water fountain and news bulletin board.

Olivia's favorite subject is Science -- this lab looks like a fun place to learn!


Heartlake Carousel

Watch it go around, then choose your color & style of ride on Denil's carousel.

[Denil MOC] Heartlake Carousel

See more whimsical details in the image of it set into a leisure park creation at a fan event, plus in additional images of how it was built!