Temple of snow

Temple of snow
Ever-amazing use of bricks and elements from the Friends line now includes Laure's (fujiia) Temple of snow: with her lipstick Spires and magenta bow Pediment.  The contrast of colors and calculated details gives this creation an easily believable locale of Mars -- as the creator describes:
   "Winter on Mars, year 7641. The planet has been inhabited for centuries now. Different species coexist in (relative) peace. Religion is a big part of martian life. One unique god rules over all.
Don't be fooled by the apparent tranquility."

View more of her creations [she's a builder who was inspired to build when LEGO Friends launched].


It's a Jungle out there!

It's time our Jungle building challenge creations appear from behind the vines.
{This lovely Jungle lettering is by Kristel}

Jungle Sightseeing
Classic jungle scene by the water's edge shows beauty and danger in "Jungle Sightseeing" by dr_spock_888, as Emma goes sightseeing in the jungle.  His creation shows how even a small build can have a big impact on conveying an idea.  The adventurous spirit of travelling with lemonade and a bunny are wonderfully juxtaposed against the reality of dangerous creatures in a dense eco-system.

Jungle in a box
Thinking 'outside the box' to build 'inside' a box and capture 2D artwork in 3D, fujiia presents "Jungle in a box" a LEGO representation of Henri "Le Douanier" Rousseau's paintings: Paysage Exotique. (seen below left)

Jungle in a box

Here is the art of her inspiration.  And, here is a forward view of her creation.
Shadow boxes have always been intriguing in any medium; the bricks of LEGO lend to the dimensions needed in a way she uses in a seemingly effortless building style.

Field Trip to the Jungle Zoo
Reversing the 'classic' Jungle scenario, dr_spock_888 uses his creation to image a "Field Trip to the Jungle Zoo."
He writes: Gorilla teacher takes her students to the jungle zoo to see how the wild animals live in the jungle. The animal in the trans-blue clear cage appears to be quite comfortable. She has cold drinks and a laptop device to surf the Internet shopping for designer handbags. One of the monkeys is not obeying the no feed sign.
There is certainly whimsy in this creation, along with a more complex concept of "what if" which reminds me of how much the first "Planet of the Apes" movie scared me (and still kinda does); yet, we must remember our planet is shared by many varied life forms.

Janie Durga : Jungle top landing
Taking a cue from sci-fi and space, Pistash blends it with this creation titled: "Jungle Top Landing."
Janie Durga explores the universe in her pink little spaceship. This time she lands on a strange planet covered by a deep jungle.
Not only does this creation blend bricks and parts from other evergreen system themes into a lush-exotic environment, it also cleverly incorporates an Exo-Force piece! Can you spot it?
So, no matter where you are in the universe, a LEGO creation can be replicated from the inspiration of any setting. You just need swing on the vines of your imagination.


"Lovely colored bricks" is how this builder describes Friends

Sometimes a tweet is sweet!  I came across a lovely creation of LEGO Friends bricks ~ a Flower Shop and Cafe rendition that present details by the bunch and designs to savor. "Deepblueroses" built them as modulars.  These storefronts could easily fit along any street in Heartlake City!

If you click on this link to her tweet, you can see a few more angles and the buildings separate.


Friendly Modulars

It’s no secret that modular buildings and Friends are my two favourite LEGO themes, so any building that combines the two is sure to catch my eye.  Even more so when it’s done really well, as is the case with these 16-stud wide modulars from DDoshni.
DDoshni’s Friendly modular line up is based on, from left to right, Heartlake High (41005), Summer Riding Camp (3185) and Heartlake Vet (3188).  My favourite of these is the Heartlake Vet, with the Olive Green working surprisingly well with the Medium Azure and Tan.
See additional buildings and views in his Flickr image set.


Pop of Pink!

Pop of Pink Building Challenge
    Our eyes react to color; especially when one in particular is used sparingly, it can divert visual attention.  The goal of this challenge was to build a creation and have the color pink seem to 'pop' into view in contrast to the other colors.  Do your eyes go to the i's dot above in our poster?
    Pink bricks are not new (have been around since 1990s) yet they have garnered a spotlight these past two years.
    Pink used in MOCs isn't as rare as it was two years ago, yet it still isn't commonplace.  Some day it may be, perhaps.  For now, enjoy these builders' attempts to make it pop.
Jungle Discovery
"Jungle Discovery" by LegoMyMamma

Sunday Photo Tour
"Sunday Photo Tour" by Palixa

Pop of Pink
"Black and white version of the lounge in Olivia's House" by Kristel

And to showcase the when pink is used as the main color in a creation, which really pops, Mike M. built this:
"Her Pink Garden"

So, enjoy your new pink bricks and use them to enhance your next creation! ;-)


LEGO Rainbow Holiday Center

Anne Mette VestergÄrd of Denmark built this MOC for exhibition at LEGOLAND Friends Days in Billund in June 2014.
The layout contains LEGO bricks in more than 60 different colours.
A rainbow of bricks inspired by Friends sets and lots of mini-dolls from Heartlake City enjoying the holiday!  Tennis courts, picnics, fun in the water -- all surrounded by trees and lovely resort style houses.
 The walkways are paved, the balconies are wonderful vantage points to enjoy all the activity & fun! If you look closely to the upper left, by the green house patio, you can see Mini-Dolls building with LEGO bricks!
The outer perimeter has a road and additional views of the resort homes, along with cars in every hue.
It's all to celebrate the LEGO Friends theme and possibilities of creation.

An overview:
You should check out all the various views on Anne's set on Flickr - with 40 images to drool over!


Friends Modular Street by Kristel

Built to keep the original feel of LEGO Friends buildings, yet re-created in a more compact style of Modular, Kristel shares her Friends Street.
Friends Modular Street
Friends Modular Street - viewing all the buildings.

Friends Modular Street
Here you can see a better close-up of the activity.
A very busy street scene in Heartlake City!
She started converting the various Friends sets into Modular as a way to keep the sets built for her daughter to play with, yet also taking up less space.  Since each section is a module that is removable, each floor is accessible -- so, it's possible for play and display!

Each of the shops were created separately before added to the street:
You can view each separately with additional angle and interior views by clicking on which building you want to see more of -- it will open its own set of images on Flickr.

Naya's PlaceAndrea's Place
(MOD/MOC) Emma's PlaceJoanna's Place

Enjoy and be inspired!


Spring Scenes have Sprung!

Friends Bricks Building Challenge: Spring Scene
For our "Spring Scene" Building Challenge we have some very lively and colorful creations to share!
(Lovely poster scene above was created by Kristel :-)

Also created by Kristel is this happy scene full of color, whimsy, and Friends!
It is intended as a flower sculpture / art, funded by Heartlake City to welcome the new season.
It certainly announces it in a bold and curvy style!

"Stephanie and Kate go out for a boat trip with lunch" creation by dutchlegofan50 (Martin5478) shows those Friends getting out for a fun nature activity that many people can't wait for Spring each year to enjoy!

Spring cleaning the Patio
Depicting a Spring task, LegoMyMamma created a familiar scene of "Cleaning the Patio" after all those flowers bloom and spread their pollen!

Spring scene
Speaking of flowers: A Spring scene few are lucky to ever see is a Poppy Fairy! Inspired by a green hose piece from the new Jungle sets Fujiia created this very detailed and life-like red poppy in an almost 3D-like setting. Her goal was to present "A single poppy flower standing out in a green and flowery prairie." The surrounding flowers using the cookie tile as stamen cleverly look like Hydrangea flowers. Her fairy combination of a Disney mini-doll, with Chima parts (chest plate and wings) all pulled together with the blue cape, is a great example of how all LEGO sets and themes exist mutually. The poppy itself has petals made of LEGO capes.
Let no brick, part or element of your collection go un-discovered of its
creative potential!


Friends Street

A modular Friends street by Anita (tikitikitembo) showcases the versatility of the bricks & elements of the LEGO Friends line.  Towns across the globe *are* full of color and creative businesses, designs and architecture.  It's very inspiring to see this reflected in a building toy/medium which inspires tomorrow!

Friends street
With brick-built road (rather than plate with road printed)

Friends street
With some characters from another theme visiting.

Lego Friends modular vet
A closeup of her modular Heartlake Vet clinic.

Lego Friends street
The street finished and ready for display.


Expanded Beach House

Suzi has doubled the fun with her expanded Beach House.  Made from two sets of Stephanie's Beach House (#41037) and other spare parts, she has added a much needed lounge room, another bedroom and a music room.

My favourite part of this modification is the lounge room, which has some very cool medium azure and white furniture!  This colour theme is continued through the additional bedroom and music room.

Suzi included a little bench along the back wall of the kitchen.  As I noted in the review for Stephanie's Beach House, the area behind the main kitchen bench is really lacking in detail in the official set.

Suzi also included a mobile stairs to allow the mini-dolls to easily move between the different floors. This is a great addition, and one of the first things my daughter (a 7 y.o. and thus an expert on all Friends matters :)) mentioned when she saw this modification.

Visit Heartlake Times for my review of Stephanie's Beach House, with original set build and complete parts images.


Fantasy Castle

   With a username name of Pink Pterodactyl this LEGO builder certainly showcases a specific color with a wonderful brick-built designed castle and construction.
The left tower of this castle and a courtyard for the lovely carriage.

The center entrance with ornate doors gives barely a peek at some detailed interiors.

The view from the right reveals another tower, except this one is round. 
All the lush green adds a nice classic castle look to this creation!

Certainly not the first castle built by this fan -- enjoy a polar palace too.


Hearts in Heartlake City

   February's most famous holiday is about matters of the heart.
Our building challenge asked for a Valentine's in Heartlake City.
Can you see the hearts?

It's a date!!
"It's a date!" by fujiia blends the shape into the landscape.

A moment at the front door
"A moment at the front door" by Kristel blends the shape subliminally.
For more creations visit: FriendsBricks.com


A Zoo to visit with your Friends!

Anita's Friend-ly Zoo combines lovely bricks from Friends sets with others across the LEGO spectrum.

Lego zoo

A fun little zoo tram runs around on LEGO train tracks. System bricks from other themes all blend seamlessly. She incorporates animals from DUPLO and other systems sets (such as Prince of Persia's Ostriches), plus many LEGO Friends animals too. They go together just like the alphabet: A-to-Z(oo)!

Here's another angle view.  She built it as modules, to allow it to grow and be re-arranged.

And the sign with a very clever use of those Friends life-preservers!
Entry to zoo

There should be a smile on your face now! :-)


Time~Warp #2 Creations

   Our second Time~Warp Building Challenge (in which we ask fans to imagine what their 10-year-old self would build as a set) reveals a museum visit from school and a very active playground!

   At first glance it may seem unexpected that this glorious castle holds a museum of Modern Art.  Yet this type of feast-for-the-eyes build is not unexpected at all when knowing fujiia created it!

The MOMA Heartlake
The MOMA Heartlake

The MOMA Heartlake
Modern art designs really 'pop' from the inside of this greystone castle. There are so many luscious colors, shapes and combinations that it takes a few minutes to see all the imaginative designs as clever uses of LEGO elements.

The MOMA Heartlake
As if the overall build wasn't creative enough, it is even modular!
For additional views of the various rooms, rooftop, and art, take
a stroll around the photo set.

Certainly after a day at the museum, the next best activity is a Playground with
loads fun contraptions to explore. Sharing a vision of active play light_sab_r
includes technic construction for the "Flying Fox" and other moving parts.

See-saw, Sandpit and Swing are all time-enduring favorites of kids all over the
globe! There are also lots of places to climb for a view, or just hang out.

Here is a close-up of the Slide's destination -- a trip to the Ball Pit!
Who wouldn't want to try that out?!
You can see a few more angles of the playground here.
Join in the fun for our next building challenge!