MOC: Best Friends on Vacation

Vacation in Friends style with ques from Heartlake City's landmarks shops blended into a colorful seaside-scape built by Brick Art (CaraLego).

See more detailed images of this lively creation on her Flickr set.


MOC: The Horsemen Townsquare


Denil has created another intricately detailed scene with this MOC of Horsemen Town 
Square -- whether it's fictional or really exists some where in the world, 
it could easily be a part of Heartlake City.


Some of the buildings incorporate a bit of Friends sets' aspects blended into unique 
designs -- while all flowing with the classic LEGO Friends style.

It's hard to decide which structure or scene on this huge creation is most appealing, 
as each one has been tailored to a specific activity.

Click the first image to see many more images of the various sections of this 
creation close-up and try to pick which is your favorite!