Petshop Girls - A Rooftop Band

Music has always been an aspect of LEGO Friends lifestyle, and the latest Pop Star sub-theme
adds even more.  So, taking a set concept as the Vet Clinic plus Pet Shop and adding a musical
flair like Charles & Adrienne Esseltine have done is fun & creative!
Petshop Girls (03)
This MOC incorporates designs from original sets, while adding rounded architectural
features (not easy) and light-up bricks to give it that extra "live concert" effect.

Petshop Girls (27)
The characters created to make up the band are whimsical, fun, and eclectic like real-life bands.

Petshop Girls (29)
The blend of animal aspects tie in with the Pet Shop theme -- making it hard not to smile while
imagining the band playing :-)


Friendly Settlement

Imagine Heartlake City many years ago . . .

Friendly Settlement
A Friendly Settlement is how Piotr Machalski's creation portrays the origins.
Enjoys some other views of this "Friends Village" to see all the activity.