Mini Yacht & House

   Re-working the math of LEGO set creation brick numbers by re-creating a design into mini-scale isn't as easy as it looks!  The LEGO Group designers have even started doing this with sets, such as the Modular building series.
   Here are a few mini-scaled creations in the Friends theme for you to enjoy.  See how easily you recognize them.

   Even without the added text of Dolphin Cruiser, most fans would know it's a mini version of the soon to be released yacht for LEGO Friends.  Nekodesign_th did a nice job at maintaining scale, as well as a fun way to present her creation!  How clever to have a Mini-Doll viewing it as an exhibit :-)  Be sure to check out her photostream for lots of other mini creations -- a town, a tank, a star destroyer and more.

   Taking the flagship set of LEGO Friends Olivia's House into the mini-scale, winkg4sez maintains creation integrity.  Once again, upon first glance a Friends fan would recognize this house.  Now you have to check out the interior that has also been re-created into mini -- with loads of details!

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