X-wing Friendly

   A fighter spaceship can be built out of Friends bricks, just as Melan-E has done.  Bricks are bricks in the hobby of LEGO construction toys.  As long as there is "clutch power" the creativity factor is infinite.  Color combination is about personal taste; the re-creation of a known vessel or structure remains the same in overall shape.
   Pink5 is the name she has given to her creation.  After viewing it, you can read the story behind the name and the chosen genre.

      Here is what she wrote on her photo set description:
   "This build in no way is to make the statement of 'Girls like Star Wars too! Wooo!'. This build is for the people out there who either have kids or don't and intentionally or not, dictate what kids should like or shouldn't. I'm not saying that everyone does, but some do and I deal with those people on a daily basis. Its the people who walk into the store and say 'Wheres the girl LEGO?' or 'Why doesn't LEGO make anything for girls?' and its not necessarily your fault. Subconsciously you say these things because someone taught you long ago that blue is for boys and pink is for girls. And hey, when a young girl comes running into our store and heads straight for the Friends line, I say awesome and I ask her what her favourite Friends character is and what her favourite set is. And its amazing.

    But its the other times when a young girl is desperately trying to show her parents how cool the Spiderman sets are and her dad/mom says 'Sweetheart, that stuff is for boys, look at the pink stuff over there' that this built was made for.

    This image is to allow those out there to see something in a different light, in this case a different colour, and open your mind up to the possibility that yes, your daughter can like Star Wars (or Batman or Ninja Turtles or whatever they want) and that is awesome and absolutely normal

   To view additional angles of this build see the full set for Pink5.

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