Corner Room Views

   A view into a room is always nice at a corner angle.  These entries for September's Building Challenge: Corner Room are certainly nice!  With so many LEGO sets offering modular construction, this a is good way to build skills to personalize any set or bucket of bricks.  Friends bricks offer a refreshing array of detailed, multi-use bricks & pieces, as well as colors found throughout our daily lives!

My Happy Place

Creating "My Happy Place" based on her own Office/Photo Studio, Renatta_R gives us a glimpse behind-the-scenes of a LEGO fan. Building is just one aspect; getting the lighting just right for photography is another skill. Combine the two for sharing MOCs and it's creativity squared! 
At this point, the Friends bricks and other LEGO system bricks complement each other so well, it's a seamless blend.

The Lego Room

"The Lego Room" is another example of how passionate fans are! The amount of resources, time & effort merely sorting bricks into accessible storage containers is dedication. Then building such a clever representation of the very activity is inspiring for all who view it. Even though fujiia was a LEGO fan before, Friends has ignited her creativity to the next level!

Living Room Playing Legos

Kids and families playing with LEGO is a typical activity 
around the world, yet wayneallen's entry was built by 
his Daughter as depicting herself and her sister playing with their LEGO bricks in the middle of their Living Room floor. The wonderful details and lively scene she created is a 
perfect picture of LEGO Friends fans!

Friends Exercise Room

One great way to get ready for LEGO building is muscle-building 
as dr_spock_888 has keenly created in his "Friends Exercise Room
where Mia lifts weights, while Emma rides the stationary bike and Andrea can sip Lemonade 'while' lifting free-weights! This room could be part of any number of places in Heartlake City -- the school, Olivia's House, or maybe the new Beach House.

My Favourite Room

While building "My Favourite Room" Kristel pulled from her memory of times when she was a girl.  She shares with us how using bricks as a creative medium, we are able to transcend time and place while evoking an emotional connection to real life. It's hard to resist drifting to thoughts of our 
own room as a child when we look at all these flawless details.

Results from last Building Challenge: MOD Month

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