Along for the Ride!

   Getting from point A to point B in Heartlake City requires creativity!
   With streets, parks, a lake, beaches, mountains, and skyline airspace -- Friends have lots of ways to enjoy being along for the ride.
   For our November building challenge, FriendsBricks members have built various modes of transportation to share with you.  Imagine yourself in any of these sweet rides!

rotary snow plow
We need to make sure tracks are clear from snow in this season!  Mia's rotary snow plow with motorized blades created by dr_spock_888 will certainly get the job done.  There's even a video of it in action.

Mia's Roadster
Before the snow reaches another part of the city, going out for a spin we see Mia's Roadster by Bricksky.  Whether she is cruisin' by the lake or heading to the cafe, Mia always takes a friend along for the ride!

Heartlake Troublemecha
No weather, buildings or terrain are getting in the way of this Friends Heartlake Troublemecha by Toto Hermanto along the way to ... Robotics class?  Or perhaps Mechanics 101?

Olivia's Dragon Flyer
Olivia also took a course in mechanics as she is cruising high over Heartlake City in her stylin' Dragon Flyer by Bricksky.  Who hasn't imagined riding on a Dragonfly?

Friends Vic Viper
When Olivia is in a hurry, she takes her Vic Viper!  Since it's also NoVVember, a month of creations honoring the memory Nnenn, a LEGO builder missed by his fans, Bricksky created a 'Friendly' one.

Friends Fishing Boat
Meanwhile on the heart-shaped lake ... it's not a luxury cruiser, yet a trawler built by dr_spock_888 that makes getting to the right spot for Heartlake fishing fun, safe and efficient!

Anna's Tractor
Anna uses her Tractor around the yard and to help out with pulling floats in local parades!  Bricksky built this and demonstrates it pulling a float along for a ride in a collaboration build with Mrs. Sky.

Mia's Attack Copter
Mia's attack helicopter by dr_spock_888.  It is equipped with dual 30mm auto cannons and quad flick-fire missiles.  Luckily the Dragonflyer and Friendly Viper are both impervious to ballipstick missiles.

Stephanie's GHOST
Even ghosts travel in Heartlake City -- well, ghosts for gamers that is:  If Stephanie isn't playing Halo most likely you will find her out and about in her Ghost built by Bricksky

Friends Beach Bunny Quad Race
These girls like to race their Mongoose Quads at the beach for fun.  They especially love to get some air time!  Bricksky built Friends Beach Bunny Quad Race to show another way to go along for a ride!

Heartlake Bus Company
Public transport is the way to go for those girls (and boys) who don't get to have their own car.  Heartlake Bus Company bus built by Kristel takes three passengers sitting and a few more standing.

Smart Car
A Smart Car is another way 'smart' Friends get where they need to go.  Jane's little car (Jane is 6 years old) created and built by wayneallen's daughter is super efficient for city parking!

Two Story Car
Audrey's two story car (Audrey is 8 years old) was built so more friends can come along for the ride.  This car by wayneallen's daughter also gives passengers a great view of Heartlake City!

Mini Cooper
A red Mini-Cooper built by wayneallen is another way to make parking at any Heartlake City spot easy & quick.  It helps leave more room at the City Park Cafe parking lot for sure!

Friends Formula One Racer
For when Friends are in a hurry, wayneallen created a Friends Formula One Racer.  This could also give others an idea for building a Heartlake City racetrack.  Instead of point A to B, it would be laps.

Friends Snowmobile
Looking like it came from the Friends Advent Calendar just in time for the seasonal snow, dr_spock_888 built a Friends Snowmobile for riding along Heartlake City areas that haven't been plowed yet.

Riding a Pegasus may be the ultimate imaginative transportation above the clouds of Heartlake City, and tonistokes529 created her vision by working through the challenges of building with LEGO bricks.
We're glad she did! :-)

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