Trick-or-Treat on a Heartlake City street!

Our Halloween Building Challenge creations are definitely a treat!

Emma's Halloween Bedroom
Emma has on her costume while decorating her room.
Emma's Halloween Bedroom
Kristel's creation of a Halloween-themed room is the perfect place to start the fun with all the
classic icons and colors for the season.
Emma's Halloween Bedroom
This really sets the mood for heading out in Heartlake City to see what other Friends are
creating for their costumes!

The Pumpkin Diner
The Pumpkin Diner is a great spot to spice up the festive activities this year!  Palixa has designed a
brickly-carved gourd shape into modular lit-up eating establishment.  Feast your eyes on how
detailed the interior is -- as it fills up with costumed Friends!
The Pumpkin Diner
The Pumpkin Diner
As darkness falls on Heartlake City, an orange & green glow fills the air with warmth and smiles.
The Pumpkin Diner

Just in time and around the corner is a quick-stop Halloween Shop for just the right
accessories to complete a costume.

This colorful and whimsical shop has lots of face-painting supplies, capes & brooms to
celebrate the harvest moon.
Nick has used Sophie's mud-mask face for added spookiness as she finds a crystal-staff to
complete her look, while helping Friends get ready for trick-or-treating.

Lego minidoll costume shop
Making sure there are plenty of clever costumes for all, the Heartlake Minidoll Costume Shop 
by mber4 & kids is a 2-story shop built with eerie display windows out front.
Lego minidoll costume shop
Inside upstairs you can see it's practically a monster-mash of Friends searching for that
certain costume so they can trick-or-treat too!
Lego minidoll costume shop
The first floor has lots of hats and ghoulish accessories that we can see since this MOC is
modular too.  Be careful going up those stairs ... we've seen what's at the top!

Here's a better look at the costumes worn by Friends at Palixa's The Pumpkin Diner:
The Pumpkin Diner - costumes
LEGO accessories really do make the combinations limitless with your own imagination!

Friends ready to party
Friends ready to party by Ann also highlight endless possibilities with a creative spirit!

Lego Friends Halloween Party
Lots of fun costume varieties and a candy cauldron here at this Halloween Party by Tina

Day 276 of 365: Yum Yum House
As for heading out onto the streets ... beware of the Yum Yum House built by dr_spock_888 ... it looks enticing for the evening's fun, yet be sure your costume won't turn to permanent after enjoying those treats!!

We hope you've been inspired straight to your bones! Enjoy building during this fun season!

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