Friends meet Elves to fly high!

SisShuttle BFF is a blend of Heartlake Airlines and Elvendale's Airship service ... a very creative merging of themes by Moto.

SisShuttle BFF: Airstrip
Here you can see Heartlake City and Elvendale passengers happily lined up to board this aircraft!

SisShuttle BFF - SHIPtember
In flight, it's quite an impressive --- nearly albatross size -- flying machine!

Such a fun and inspirational creation!  Be sure to click through via these photographs and read more descriptions by the creator; plus see lots more images in its flickr set.

Bonus: A Comic that tells their satellite mission story too!
Comic: SisShuttle BFF

Olivia and Emily, and other mini-dolls of Heartlake City and Elvendale, surely are friendly collaborators, even if the portal to Elvendale may be closed soon ...

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