A House for a Teddy Bear

   A year ago I was thrilled & amazed when I came across Leda Kat's creation "A House for a Teddy Bear" built as a dedication to the children of Christchurch who lost their homes in the earthquake of February 22, 2011, for display at LABS2012, Christchurch NZ LEGO Show.

   Look at all the wonderful detail she put into this creation!  Yet, there are surprises you don't quite expect upon first glance -- see that blue "Dollhouse" sitting in the corner of the room?  Well, it opens to reveal more rooms, because it is "A House for a Teddy Bear" as the title suggests.  You can view it opened and additional images on her photostream.
   Meant as comfort for kids is perfectly fitting, given that LEGO bricks are first-and-foremost a child's building & play toy.  That we, as adults, enjoy using TLG's polygons as a hobby and art medium, just as Millie McKenzie does -- is secondary.  Yet she simply melds the two purposes together.
   The bricks from LEGO Friends sets used are also what sets this creation apart from past builds.  Being new on the market at the time, this also demonstrates a perfect blend of those bricks (a few new colors) in combination with bricks from many other existing themes TLG produces.
   I thought about this creation yesterday.  I remembered about the catastrophe occurring around this time of year.  Today when I found time to re-visited her creation (which I admit I have done several times this past year) it was chilling to me that it was actually February 22nd that the tragedy happened; which then became a catalyst for her inspiration.  Bringing familiarity to kids at a fan event gives extended life & purpose.
   Take some time to look around this room.  Open the doors to her dollhouse.  This creation exemplifies all that is good about expression through LEGO bricks -- no matter what type of fan you are -- there is some aspect here which will speak to you.

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