Alternate Set Builds

LegoMyMamma says that she makes a point of always trying to make an alternate set build out of each LEGO set she gets.  This means to use all of the bricks from one set to make something new.  As I think about it, trying to make an alternate build using the bricks of a set would be a great way to get your creative juices flowing.  I suppose it's like writing poetry; the limitations of form can inspire creative solutions.

A complaint that I've heard AFOLs (Adult Fans of LEGO) make is that a lot of parents don't understand that LEGO sets are meant to be temporary.  The point of LEGO is not just to make a set and keep it intact, although if you choose to, that is fine too.  But I have heard lots of stories of parents who glued their kids' LEGO sets together, so that it would stop "breaking."  This completely misses the point of LEGO as a reusable creative medium. 

We have even have an "Alternate Builds" topic on our Friends Bricks Forum to share these type of creations made with bricks from only one Friends set.  Here is a sampling of some of the alternate builds from that category:

Fujiia combined the Series 1 Animal Packs to make this "Island of Joy":

Island of Joy - friends alternate build

Debbie (Daisy a27) turned Emma's Design Studio into a Bedroom:

Emma's Bedroom

LegoMyMamma wondered where Rabbit goes when she "disappears" during Mia's Magic Tricks show:

Rabbit's Secret
Next time you're looking for inspiration, you might try making an alternate build.  If you do, we'd love to have you share in on our forum.

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