Friendly Food Carts and Trucks

Hungry for a snack or something more?  You won't have to look far around Heartlake City to find a satisfying bite to eat!
Our February Building Challenge creations rolled in with a nice variety of flavors:
Emma's Fruit Cart
Emma's Fruit CartEmma's Fruit Cart
Emma's Fruit Cart by Kristel showcases the colorful and delicious fruit LEGO people are fortunate to have available!  In addition to a clever cart stand for stability, there's even a built-in step for easy access in loading the sweet cargo.

Friends Popcorn Cart
Inspired by a real life Popcorn Cart, Palixa and The Bricks created it with bricks in the classic colors for easy identifying the crunchy-salty treat along any street, near the mall, beach, or park.

LEGO Friends Milk Cart
In another classic style, dr_spock_888 built a horse-drawn cart for Milk Delivery to the front door of some Heartlake City residents.  Maya must not mind getting up early ;-)

Serving traditional Puerto Rican shaved ice, this Piragua Cart by A Pretty Rock bursts with colors of the various flavors for the cooling treats. It's a bike-pulled cart, so you never know which street you'll find it tomorrow.

Cotton Candy food truck
Cotton Candy truck by mber4 has clever brick usage to simulate the spun sugar bowl function and the truck color surely makes this popular treat easy to spot on any street.
cotton candy and balloon animal cartIMG_0371
There's even fun balloon animals being made and another type of cotton candy.

Coffee Truck
Grab a cup of coffee because we have more creations to share!  This Coffee Truck by Nimura uses the Friends colors in a "pick-me-up" way that would certainly give mornings or afternoons the perk we need many days.

Monster Greens - a juice and smoothie truck by mber4 for a healthy thirst quencher.
IMG_0380Monster Greens open for business
You can see the blender for smoothies and the van color makes it easy to think juicy.

All Terrain Food Truck by dr_spock_888 features a barbeque area on the back so no matter if Friends are in the mountains or by the lake -- even in winter they can get a bite to eat.
Day 058 of 365: All Terrain Food Truck with BBQ
The roof comes off for easy access and hungry Friends can ski right up to it.

Taco Truck El Lago (Lago Corazon!! :p )
The El Lago Taco Truck by fujiia is certainly a welcome roving source of saucy good meal selections for the end of the day.  Hearty tacos from a menu of personal taste gives these Friends a place to sit while enjoying their choices.
Taco Truck El Lago (Lago Corazon!! :p ) -On the road
Make sure you get to the spot before the truck moves on -- you can probably follow the scent to the next street.
Taco Truck El Lago (Lago Corazon!! :p ) -Open truck
Not only is this creation sure to make you hungry for tacos (especially a fish taco) fujiia made sure it is accessible and playable.  That's a good thing for replenishing the food supplies in this truck, because I think we now have lots of hungry Friends after this building challenge!

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