Olivia's House as Full Modular build

As the flagship set for Friends, Olivia's House also represents a gain in modular-style building techniques.  The concept of: build/play/build, while being able to build sections that can be rearranged later is a core tenet of the LEGO Friends line.
Olivias house
This fan-built Olivia's House by LegoOzp has four complete sides and roof.

Olivias house
The rear of the house has been fitted with a patio, a garden, tree, sandbox, and the original swing-set has been expanded to two swings.

Olivias house
An aerial view with the roof off gives us a glimpse inside for details.  This full house has managed to incorporate three bedrooms (the original Olivia's House has only one).  The addition of the garage also provides a place for a car.

Olivias house
The wonderful thing about modulars is being able to remove floor sections to see into and play in more areas of a structure -- such as the bottom floor containing the Kitchen, Foyer, and Living/Dining room.

No attention to detail has been spared on this creation while it stays true to the original TLG issued design.

Please enjoy additional images of this lovely MOC here.