Emma's Lunar New Year Party 2019

Lunar New Year celebration at Emma's House!
Friends visit Emma's House to learn about the Lunar New Year traditions of the Wishing Tree, and to see Emma's art poster of the "Year of the Pig" for 2019!  Wishes are written on a ribbon type of paper, usually red or pink, and then hung in a tree by attaching string to a kumquat (small orange type fruit) and tossing it up into the branches.
~ Built by LegoMyMamma for the "Spirit of Chinese New Year 2019" events for The LEGO Group.  The brief was to show it in a Friends setting :-)

Emma writes her wish for the Wishing Tree next to her art post of the "Year of the Pig" for 2019.

Emma's mom Charlotte is happy while her dad takes a photo of her creating her art poster for the party!

Chico is not sure what to make of this piggy!

Charlotte in the new 2019 master bedroom suite.

Emma's bedroom renovated just in time for the 2019 CNY February 5th!
You can see more images of the modifications, such as adjusting modules by 4-studs in its flickr album.

Thanks for coming to the party ~ Happy New Year!
Enjoy lots of other wonderful builds from around the globe for this celebration on the LAN blog!

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