Hack-a-Heart Creations

Starting off with an Elves themed heart:
Whistling River Heart Box
Blondwave created Whistling River for Aira and Naida ~ complete with customized seats
so they can sit and chat in their heart box!

Park on a Heart
"Park on a Heart" is the name LegoMyMamma gave to her creation with a small
scene to brighten a desk.

Pool Party Collage
"Pool Party" is sure to evoke a relaxation vibe when looking at Kristel's creation
with Friends Andrea.

Liquorice Lovers
Got a sweet tooth? Kristel's "Liquorice Lovers" heart box is the cure -- even if the
satisfaction is only in visual brick form. You could certainly add real candies to this container.

Pastel Power
For the opposite end of the hue spectrum, Kristel created "Pastel Power" for that
famous TLM2 character to practice disco moves!

Spring Training for Mulan
The first Disney Princess featured is Mulan in "Spring Training" by LegoMyMamma
using hinges to show opening a heart box a different way.

Ice Queen of Hearts
Elsa of Frozen is referred to as "Ice Queen of Hearts" in this depiction of a
Throne and staff for her atop an icy heart shape by LegoMyMamma.

Heart Hopping ~ A "Bunnies in the Spring Garden" Game
"Heart Hopping" A Bunnies in the Spring Garden Game by LegoMyMamma
incorporates an activity into a storage display heart box.

Emma Heart Box Grand Piano
A Lavender Grand Piano Heart Box for Emma is dr_spock_888's version of hers,
complete with a built-in keyboard!

Noctura's Bat Box
Adding to the Elves theme, yet on the evil side ... Kristel created a Bat Box for Noctura
and her batty pets to sleep.

Heart Skater
Skating on thin ice? Or will LegoMyMamma's heart box hold up Anna and a furry visitor to the "Frozen" pond?

Treeheart Box
Did you guess who-hoo's heart box has a tree sprout up?  Mia's, of course! LegoMyMamma's creation features a hinged lid.

We hope you've been entertained, inspired, and at least compelled to smile
during this display of hacked heart boxes!

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