Friends at Classic-Castle

Classic-Castle.com recently announced the winners of their annual Colossal Castle Contest.  One of this year's side challenges was to use Friends elements in the castle creation.  Bruce posted several great examples in our forum.  Some were quite clever, and I wanted to highlight them here. 
Several models included the hedgehog.  SergeantChipmunk has one hiding under the tree by his watchtower.

Quarktaart's Radagast the Brown also features hedgehogs:

(As an aside, there is a -- Flickr group dedicated to finding Oscar the Hedgehog he shows up all over the place.) 

ElephantKnight used minidolls as elves in his secret gathering.  I think using the Friends as elves works really well here.  The different proportions are very effective at setting them apart as a different race of beings.


And finally, David Frank (Fraslund) turned a minidoll into Joan of Arc.

(Thanks to Bruce for the post on the forum.  For those who don't know, Bruce is an admin at Classic-Castle.com, and also created and writes for a whole host of LEGO blogs.)

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