Friends by the Sea

   Water activities are always fun.  In Cyndi Bourne's lively "Friends Beach" scene, you can see those girls are enjoying their day in the sun!

   She used a trip to Mexico as inspiration to build; initially this began as a practice for palm tree techniques.  There are a few more photos of her creation in her set on Flickr.

   Now that Heartlake City has its own pool, we will most likely be seeing more creations like the wonderful "Pool Party" Katie (eilonwy77) built last year:


   Katie also built her water-themed creation as part of exploring building techniques; for her, it was the curved wall and trees with inter-woven leaf branches.  For additional images & instructions, visit her set.

   Building techniques, old & new, are just one more aspect of LEGO Friends theme in getting more girls to have interest in construction play.  The prevalence of polygons in future technology is undeniable.  There's no reason new technology can't be fun too ;-)

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