Garden Room

   Global weather affects everyone; especially now that we are all connected via the Internet.  Knowing of a friend who can enjoy a Summer's day, while another drudges through another round of Winter's mix can lead to empathy.
   That's why just looking at Emma's Garden Room by Kristel can positively affect a person halfway around the globe!

Built in traditional Friends style and colors, this could easily be located near the back of Olivia's House!

Just like any solarium, conservatory or greenhouse, this Garden Room has a glass ceiling for maximum sunlight to grow plants and warm the soul.

   Kristel created a Potting Bench to showcase the lovely growing area in the Garden Room.  Attention to detail is superb.  This room has all the tools needed for successful growing!

   Sharing a sunny & cheery Garden Room with Friends is what it's all about.  There's a lovely sofa, fun potted-plants, table with stools to enjoy a cuppa ... something -- perhaps coffee, tea, or hot chocolate -- depending on your taste.
   Wait, is that a frog over there? :-)

   To enjoy a few more images of this delightful build, see the full set of Emma's Garden Room on her Flickr (kjw010).

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