Primary Park

   Inspired by the Friends slide, Toni (tonistokes529) decided she wanted to build a playground.
   While LEGO bricks have always come in primary colors: red, yellow, blue; those colors are also found in Friends sets.
   Visit her Primary Park and see just how Friendly it is!

   She built: a see-saw, stairs to funhouse with an adventure's wobbly bridge, vertical climb bars, monkey bars, climbing wall, sandbox, park bench seats, lovely tree for shade, swing set, basketball court, bicycle rack, and even a drinking fountain!  Whew!  That's a lot of fun packed into one park!

    Oh and hey -- there's that Friends slide (from Heartlake City Pool) which provided the motivation to push her building skills! 
   Most of these primary-colored-bricks you see here do come in Friends sets; some of these are from other System sets -- which all play nice together ;-)
   Bird's-eye-view (yes, actually that bird is a Friends' pet) looking like a typical playground found in every town & city across the globe.  Sure looks fun to me!

   Toni has even provided other fans a diagram of how she built the swings -- quite similar to the swing from Olivia's House, with just a seat change for Primary Park.

   Primarily known for pastel colors, LEGO Friends sets contain merely 10% of the color pink.  They also contain some nice technic building opportunities.
   Ready to have fun building your own park?  Head over to Toni's Primary Park set for inspiration by viewing additional close-up photos of the various playground equipment.

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